Kent Town Swimming Club

Parent Participation


Participating parents play a crucial role in our success

At Kent Town Swimming Club we believe that parent involvement is not only a requirement, but a rewarding part of the swimming experience. By actively participating parents play a crucial role in the success and smooth operation of our events. This involvement not only supports the club but also strengthens the bond between parents and swimmers, enriching the overall experience for both.

Officiating at Competitive Meets: A Parent Requirement

At our club, it is a compulsory requirement that all families share the responsibility of officiating at competitive meets. To ensure fairness, we create an officiating roster for each Meet based on the number of swimmers and competitors in each event. Although we strive to avoid rostering the same family consecutively, rostering depends on event entries, participant numbers, and if multiple swimmers from one family are competing.

Registration and Compliance

To fulfill officiating duties, the parent registered with Swimming SA must be the one to officiate. If both parents wish to share responsibilities, both parents MUST be registered with Swimming SA/Australia. Additionally, Swimming SA requires all adult members to hold a valid Working with Children Check to officiate and for their child to compete. Without this check, parents cannot officiate, and swimmers will be unable to participate in Swimming SA events.  A Working with Children Check is free to acquire and can be obtain at you already hold a Working with Children Check from either your employment or from volunteering at another organisation you can use this.

How to Get Certified

Visit the Swimming SA Safe Sport Environments page to complete the necessary Working With Children Check Application. Once you have received your approval, upload your certification to your Swim Central profile for Swimming SA’s records as soon as possible.

Nominating and Officiating

When a roster is released and a parent nominated, they are expected to register to officiate via Swim Central by the requested date. If a nominated parent does not attend, preventing the club from meeting its officiating requirements, Swimming SA may issue a fine of $100 (for the first offense). The club will require the parent to pay this fine. Failure to pay will result in suspension of both the parent’s and swimmer’s membership until the fine is paid in full.

Flexibility and Support

We understand the demands on our parents’ time and strive to make the process as smooth as possible. After the event roster is released, parents may arrange swaps with other club members if they cannot fulfill their role. Please inform our Officials Committee Member at of any swaps prior to the event.

The Benefits of Being Involved

Being actively involved in your swimmer’s competitive journey offers numerous benefits:

  • Strengthen Bonds: Share in your swimmer’s experiences and achievements, fostering a closer relationship.
  • Support the Club: Your participation ensures meets run smoothly and helps build a strong community.
  • Gain Understanding: Get a deeper insight into the sport, enriching the experience for both you and your swimmer.

Additional Ways to Support Your Swimmer and the Club

In addition to officiating, there are many other ways to contribute to the club and support your swimmer:

  • Helping with fundraising activities.
  • Assisting at club BBQs.
  • Attending and supporting club events.

While officiating at competitive meets is compulsory for all families, these additional contributions are invaluable in creating a thriving club environment. Your involvement is not just a requirement but an opportunity to be a vital part of your swimmer’s success and the club’s community.