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About The Uniforms

As a small club, we consolidate and place uniform orders twice per year (generally in the lead up to State Championships and at the beginning of each new swimming season).

Uniforms are ordered through a variety of teamwear portals and relevant details are forwarded to families prior to the relevant portal being activated.

KTSC have kept compulsory items to a minimum being Club Polo and Club Swimming Cap and these items MUST be worn at all Swim Meets.

However, it is strongly recommended swimmers purchase a hoodie and/or jacket for warmth around the  pool during competition meets.

While the club’s uniform officer maintains a basic supply of surplus items, we cannot guarantee random  supply in each size.

While swimmers receive a complimentary generic KTSC swimming cap upon initial registration any additional caps need to be purchased.  As swimming caps have a limited life we suggest the purchase of 2-3 spare plain or named swimming caps when the uniform portal is activated. Over the years we have found swimmers often have rapid growth spurts between uniform ordering so,  if possible, we suggest buying the size they need now plus the next size up for the compulsory polo shirt.

The cost of each item below is a guide.  Any increase in costs will be advised by the Uniform Officer at the time of opening portals for ordering.

To make enquiries or to order please contact our Uniform Officer on

KTSC Polo Shirt

Compulsory item Must be worn at ALL swim meets

KTSC Swimming Cap

Compulsory item Must be worn at ALL swim meets
Silicone Named $24.00 / Unnamed $18.00
Dome Cap Named $44.00 / Unnamed $38.00

KTSC Unisex Jacket

Non- compulsory item $80.00

KTSC Hoodie

Non- compulsory item $60.00 Unnamed $70.00 Personalised

KTSC Shorts

Non- compulsory item $45.00

KTSC Unisex Tracksuit Pants

Non-compulsory item $75.00

KTSC Deck Coat

Non- compulsory item $135.00

KTSC Male Trunks

Non- compulsory item $65.00

KTSC Male Jammers

Non- compulsory item $65.00

KTSC Female Bathers

Non- compulsory item $85.00

KTSC Unisex Beanies

Non- compulsory item $30.00

KTSC Towel

Non- compulsory item $50.00

KTSC Small Mesh Bag

Non- compulsory item $15.00

KTSC Baseball Cap

Non- compulsory item $10.00

KTSC Bucket Hat

Non- compulsory item $10.00

KTSC Luggage Tag

Non- compulsory item $10.00


Non- compulsory item $10.00

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