Kent Town Swimming Club


Jason Dunlop

Head Coach
Performance and National Squad Lead Coach

As a competitive swimmer deeply passionate about the sport and committed to helping others, Jason began teaching swimming at the age of 16 and after two years of teaching transitioned into coaching swimmers at a state level.

In 2007, Jason played a key role in the establishment of the swim school at Immanuel College, where he served as assistant coach and manager alongside Former Olympic Coach Glenn Beringen. 

By 2009, he assumed the position of Head Coach at PBA Piranhas (now Immanuel Swimming Club), guiding swimmers to State records, National Open and Age finals, and nurturing Multi Class national age medallists.

In 2015, Jason was appointed Head Coach at Kent Town Swim, where he has dedicated his efforts to shaping the program into what it is today.

In 2017, Jason took on the position of Head Coach at Kent Town Swimming Club, where his coaching expertise has consistently impressed. His accomplishments thus far have involved leading swimmers to State Records, medals at National Age Championships, and qualifying for Olympic Trials. Additionally, he has guided multiple swimmers to National Open Water, National Age, and Open Championships. 

Jason is widely respected in the swimming community for his outstanding coaching abilities and unwavering commitment to his athletes’ achievements and Kent Town Swimming Club is extremely fortunate to have him leading our coaching group and swimmers.

Jack Myers

State and Development Squad Lead Coach

Jack is a former swimmer at Kent Town Swimming Club and boasts an impressive record of competing at 7 Open Water Australian Championships, as well as the renowned Rottnest event in WA, known as one of the most challenging open water competitions in Australia. 


With four years experience teaching swimming, Jack embarked on his coaching career in 2022. He is deeply passionate about helping individuals find joy in sports and is particularly enthusiastic about coaching. 


Jack’s motivation stems from his desire for swimmers to experience the same positive impact that the sport has had on his own life, ensuring they appreciate it for all the reasons that have made it such a rewarding part of his journey.


Jack’s dedication and passion for coaching are highly valued by Kent Town Swimming Club, where his contributions enrich the club’s commitment to excellence in swimming.

Jess Jackson

Junior Squad Lead Coach

Jess has been immersed in the world of competitive swimming since the age of 10 and was a proud member of Kent Town Swimming Club. Her journey includes competing at 5 Australian Age Championships as well as attending the Olympic and Commonwealth Games Trials in June of 2021. 


Transitioning from swimmer to instructor, Jess has spent two years sharing her love for swimming and emphasising its importance as a life skill. In 2022, she embarked on her coaching career, driven by her belief that swimming is not only vital for health and safety but also a source of joy and accomplishment. 


Witnessing swimmers progress and seeing their skills evolve brings Jess immense satisfaction in her teaching role. She is particularly drawn to squad coaching, recognising the dedication and effort each swimmer invests to excel. For Jess, the sight of fast swimming fuels her competitive spirit, further motivating her commitment to coaching excellence. 


At Kent Town Swimming Club, Jess is valued for her passion, expertise, and dedication, enhancing the club’s coaching team and fostering a culture of growth and achievement.