Kent Town Swimming Club




Kent Town Swimming Club fosters a unique relationship with Kent Town Swim (KTS), recognising each as two separate entities. Both entities work with one another for the benefit of swimming and providing an opportunity for children to progress into competitive swimming.

Kent Town Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club affiliated with Swimming SA and Swimming Australia. The club, located in the Red Centre, is run by a dedicated volunteer committee who ensure swimmers have the opportunity to belong to, and compete as part of a club. In order to swim competitively, swimmers must belong to a registered club. Club Fees are paid to Kent Town Swimming Club.  While the Club communicates with the coaching staff to support them with their programmes, they are not responsible for the employment of coaching staff or payment of coaching fees.

Kent Town Swim (KTS) operate the swim school located at the Red Centre, Prince Alfred College, and are responsible for the management and employment of all coaching staff, the scheduling of training sessions and the development of squad programmes under the guidance of Head Coach, Jason Dunlop. Club swimmers pay coaching fees to Kent Town Swim and any matters relating to coaching fees or coaching need to be directed to Kent Town Swim, or the relevant coach.  

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Together, Kent Town Swimming Club and Kent Town Swim collaborate to offer comprehensive swimming opportunities, both dedicated to nurturing the swimmer’s growth and development throughout their swimming journey.

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Phil Jackson